Also a student to Asagi, Rinko is an Anti-Demon Ninja who works together with Mizuki Yukikaze, she is also her friend.School seniors Taimanin attending the Yukikaze. Existence, such as the older sister in her childhood friend. Tatsuro sister. Is a consumer of sword, Cayden of swordsmanship "Yat sword flow" transmitted from generation to generation to bear the village. A hobby that quickly take care of my sister (Yukikaze) and brother (Tatsuro), but there are many that show the thoroughly gently tolerance and sweetness to the two people, it is in one side to show the only two people, it is strongly in the school is a reputation that beautifully tough senior. Or for fun and that love the Imotoototo than love, it is not show any interest in the courtship of many of the men. Lesbian theory is whispered is in girls, but is showing a strong spread there are those composed凜子like fan club secretly, principal quite normal. Always act together with the snow cold, you are devoted to support her.

Personality Edit

Rinko is described as an honorable, serious, and diligent individual. Like with most Taimanin, Rinko possesses a strong sense of justice and an intense hatred toward evil men like the slave trader Zokuto, the corrupt politician Yazaki, and the brothel operator Real. Compare to her best friend Yukikaze, Rinko is more capable of keeping a collected composure in extreme situations and is better at hiding her emotions. Her calm personality sometimes falters when her large breasts are the subject to ridicule by her enemies. Despite the mature image that she projects, Rinko can be rather naive due to her lack of experience, a trait she shares with Yukikaze. Her naivete is best demonstrated during her mission to infiltrate Yomihara when she is tricked by Zokuto into letting herself be sold into sex slavery for real instead of simply disguising herself as a prostitute like originally planned. Even after realizing that she had been tricked, Rinko still decides to continue her search for Shiranui, even though most Taimanin would have aborted the mission after the mishap. Due to her strong desire to rescue Shiranui and her stubbornness, Rinko is willing to go so far as to give false reports to her superiors to keep the dangerous mission ongoing.

Rinko biggest defining trait is her loyalty to her loved ones, like her brother Tatsurou, best friend Yukikaze, and honorary aunt, Shiranui. She is willing to go to great length for their sake, and is willing to suffer all kind demeaning acts during her time as sex slave for Under Eden if it means saving her best friend's mother. During the non-canon "Fallen Yukikaze" and "Double Degrade" ending routes, Rinko puts herself in great danger when trying to save Yukikaze and Tatsurou by fighting Under Eden's forces despite still having a slave mark placed on her. Rinko is also a "brocon" meaning that she incestuous feeling her brother and sees him as the only man that is acceptable enough to take her virginity. Although she supports Tatsurou and Yukikaze's relationship.

During the non-canon "Fallen Rinko"  bad ending route, Rinko's personality is changed drastically. After having her body modified and spending months of being a sex slave for Under Eden, Rinko gives into the her carnal desires. By the end of this route, Rinko has become a masochistic nymphomaniac that finds pleasure in being a sex slave. Rinko develops Stockholm syndrome and falls madly in love with Real. At this point, Rinko is stated to be "Real's personal bitch", and, in his words, is now "a woman that will throw everything away for his dick". At the climax of the  "Fallen Rinko"  route, Rinko is willing to betray Tatsurou and Yukikaze for Real, claiming that she is unable to go against his orders. She acts more spite full towards Tatsurou during this ending. As revealed in her bonus sixth training diaries, Rinko, to her own surprise, finds that she feel enough pleasure to orgasm when declaring her to loyalty to Real. On an interesting note, while many Taimanin can go through similar changes in personality in their non-canon route, the narration claims that unlike most Taimanin, Rinko's new personality came to be out her own free will during this route. 

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