Also a student to Asagi, Rinko is an Anti-Demon Ninja who works together with Mizuki Yukikaze, she is also her friend.School seniors Taimanin attending the Yukikaze. Existence, such as the older sister in her childhood friend. Tatsuro sister. Is a consumer of sword, Cayden of swordsmanship "Yat sword flow" transmitted from generation to generation to bear the village. A hobby that quickly take care of my sister (Yukikaze) and brother (Tatsuro), but there are many that show the thoroughly gently tolerance and sweetness to the two people, it is in one side to show the only two people, it is strongly in the school is a reputation that beautifully tough senior. Or for fun and that love the Imotoototo than love, it is not show any interest in the courtship of many of the men. Lesbian theory is whispered is in girls, but is showing a strong spread there are those composed凜子like fan club secretly, principal quite normal. Always act together with the snow cold, you are devoted to support her.

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